October 16, 2010

Comicon challenge 2010

My entry for the Comicon challenge 2010 (click to see my WIP thread)

"Join us for our Comicon 2010 Challenge - The Age of Legends. In this challenge, you, the creator, are given the unique power to alternate the age of your "action-based" super hero or super villain. If your favorite character is middle aged, then you can make a young or older version of him. If your character is already young, then you can make a middle aged or older version of her."

Ivy is older now, she's so old that some parts of her body aren't functioning properly. Though this is not a problem, for she replaced or supported them with the tissues of plants which she now has under her full control. Her mind is still sharp, as well as her sight, and her back is straight, thanks to the corset she's been wearing all these years.
Men are still at her feet and are ready to obey her - thanks to the plant feromones she's using.
And uh, it seems like her followers brought her a little present...

I don't expect much since there are so many cool entries this year, but well it's about participating, not winning, right? xD
Still I'm very happy I entered, and huge thanks to Lilith for encouraging me all the way!

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